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Rodent Control Melbourne Western Suburbs

Rodent Control Melbourne Western Suburbs

For rodent control Melbourne western suburbs you should contact a local pest manager. We’re based in Melbourne’s west and have many pest specialists available day to day. This morning we had a frantic call from a motor mechanic in North Sunshine. He opened the bonnet of a vehicle to find a rat sitting in its nest. We’re not sure who was more startled, the rat or the motor mechanic! The rat scurried into the workshop and the terrified staff jumped onto their desks. Anyway, we attended within 20 minutes to remove the rat nest from the vehicle.  Read More

Plumpton Invaded by Mice

Mouse Infestation in Plumpton

Mice Everywhere in Melbourne’s West!

Pest Control Empire specialise in Rodent Control. Tim Clinnick is the owner and he reports a surge in mice infestations throughout Plumpton and other parts of Melbourne’s outer west. He states, “The phone is ringing off the hook from people in Plumpton, Caroline Springs, Taylors Hill and Hillside. All calls sound the same. It starts with the client complaining of noises in the roof space of their home all through the night. Some even report seeing mice brazenly running around their kitchens during daylight hours. Rodents are nocturnal so we always say if you see them during the day then the infestation is quite large”. Read More

Plumpton Pest Control

Pest Control Plumpton

Pest Control Plumpton

Plumpton is a new estate in Melbourne’s north-west. Like all new estate areas, there’s always a problem with pests. Tim is the owner of Pest Control Empire. Tim says, “We’re a locally based pest management company. Plumpton is a growing estate but it’s still surrounded by green fields. As a result there’s a high number of pests in the area. This is common with new estates. Springtails, rats and mice, spiders and millipedes are the most common pest complaints we receive in this area”. Read More

Bayswater Pest Control

Pest Control Bayswater | Pest Exterminator

Pest Control Bayswater

Pest control is a service that is often only thought about only once a problem presents itself. Is it best to wait for the problem to present itself before taking action? Or is it best to be proactive and take steps to prevent an infestation in the first place? We obviously think it’s the latter. If you reside in Bayswater or operate a business in the City of Knox you can prevent some pests from invading your personal space. If you’re under attack from unwanted guests then contact us. We’re the pest control Bayswater specialists. If you’re one step ahead of the pests and want to prevent an invasion then contact us immediately. Read More

Boronia Pest Control

Pest Control Boronia | Contact Us Now

No suburb is immune to a pest infestation. Boronia, a suburb in Melbourne’s east, is no exception. Situated close to the Dandenong Ranges, Boronia is a known haven for rodents, including rats and mice. Possums also thrive in this area as the large quantity of trees provide the perfect harbourage. Insect pests are also prevalent. This includes ants, cockroaches and spiders. We operate in Boronia and throughout the eastern suburbs. Our technicians are experienced, highly trained and passionate about quality service. Read More

Melbourne's Best Pest Control

Best Pest Control in Melbourne

Are you looking for the best pest control in Melbourne? You should be! We’re experienced in all fields of pest management. From a residential home to a cafe to a chain of restaurants, there’s nothing we haven’t seen before. All our technicians are licensed by the industry body. We also adhere to the strict guidelines that are in place in regard to pesticide use. We use the most environmentally friendly products available. If you’re concerned about insecticide or rodenticide use on your property, simply express your concern and we’ll provide you with all the information you need.  Read More

Pest Control for Rental Properties

Pest Infestations in Rental Properties

Who’s Responsible for Pest Control in Rental Properties?

Pest infestations in rental properties is a regular issue confronting the team at Pest Control Empire. We receive several calls a day from tenants and landlords who complain of some form of pest issue at their rental property. The problem everybody faces though is who’s going to pay for our service? Is it the tenant or landlord that’s responsible? We’ve delved through the applicable laws and a review of the Residential Tenancies Act 1997 would have us believe that no definitive answer exists. That’s right, the law does not specify! Read More

Lilydale & Yarra Valley Pest Control

Pest Control Lilydale | Fast & Effective Service

Pest Control Lilydale & Yarra Valley

We’re now happy to offer pest control services to the residents and business owners in Lilydale and Melbourne’s Yarra Valley. We’ve recently undergone internal expansion that has allowed us to increase the areas to which we service. The team has recruited a pest manager based in the eastern suburbs and that now means we can service all of Melbourne. We service both the residential and commercial sector for all types of pests. Food industry pest control for cafes and restaurants that require ongoing management can now rely on our proven expertise in this area. Read More

Croydon Pest Control

Pest Control Croydon | Contact Us Now

We’ve now spread our services to Melbourne’s east with a base now established in Croydon. Tim is the managing director of Pest Control Empire and he explains that the work load for pest control in this part of Melbourne has seen the need for representation in this area. Tim says, “The City of Maroondah and the Mount Dandenong area has huge demand for pest services. It was a logical decision for us to recruit a pest manager from this region to enable us to best serve the demand”.  Read More