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Possum in a tree

Possum Removal Melbourne

Possum removal in Melbourne is keeping Tim from Pest Control Empire very busy this winter. Tim notes, “The cold weather and lack of suitable trees has seen possums push into suburbia, particularly the roof voids of nearby homes. Melbourne is fast running out of parkland where possums would usually be found. The few trees that are around are already occupied, pushing those without a home into the suburbs”. 

These creatures are very territorial and they will defend their home to the death. As a result, there is an influx of these native species being found in the homes of people throughout Melbourne. Tim adds, “The winter months result in the turning on of heaters. Hot air rises, meaning the roof void is a warm environment. The insulation also provides a cosy bed so it’s no wonder the roof has become a happy home for this native Australian animal”.

The species most likely to be located is the Brushtail, with it’s distinctive thick and brushy tail. However, there has also been a recent increase in the presence of ringtails. Tim continues, “It’s probably about 50/50 at the moment. It used to be exclusively the brushy that I found in and around homes. Now i’m seeing both species on a regular basis”.

Legislation dictates what can be done about these creatures, due to their native status. If they are living in the trees around your home, there is nothing that can be done. Tim says, “In the past it was common to relocate these often nuisance animals. However, research showed that moving them to a new location often saw them die due to excessive stress. They would fight with existing possums and this could also lead to death. This has now been prohibited and large fines apply.”

If found residing in the roof space, the style of roof will decide what needs to be done for suitable possum removal. If it is a tiled roof, the point of entry needs to be closed off. A one-way door, constructed specifically for possums, should then be installed. This is done by removing a tile close to where the entry point was and installing the door. The creature will be able to exit but not re-enter. After a day or so the door is removed and the tile put back in place. The furry critter will then seek alternate accommodation close by, possibly in the roof space of a neighbour!

One-way possum door
Remove a tile, install the door and say goodbye to the possum forever!

If the roof is constructed of tin, the entry point again needs to be located. However, it is best to close off the entry point after dark when the possum is outside feeding. The last thing you want to do is trap it inside the roof. Another option is to install a possum trap close by and to lure the animal into the trap by placing food inside. Once it enters, the trap will shut behind. This requires vigilance in checking the trap as capture will cause stress.

Tim finishes, “I am possum proofing homes on a daily basis. I am trained to work at heights and I practice ethical control methods. I recommend contacting me if you suspect that an unwanted guest is living with you”.

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